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Holy Quran and Cure of diseases

“Allah the Almighty will bestow Benefits & Rewards accordingly  on his servants whom recite surahs from the Holy Quran. This have been taken on the authority of the Holy Prophet , Imam Ali ibn abi talib, Imam Jafar al Sadiq and other Imams of the Ahl ul Bayt”.
The Holy Quran contains cure for all ailments, physical and spiritual.
“We sent down in the Quran that which is a cure and mercy for the faithful”. (17:82)
“Say: For those who have faith, it (Quran) is a guidance and healing; but as for those who are faithless, there is a deafness in their ears and it is lost to their sight”. (41:44)
The Holy Prophet (saww) has said,
“The healing of my Ummah lies in three things: A verse from the book of Allah, eating honey and Cupper lancet”. (Aamaali of Shaykh Sadooq)
A man came once complained about the pain in his chest. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “Seek healing from the Quran for Allah says: ‘It is a healing for what is in the breasts’”. (‘Uddah al-Da’ee)
Talking about the greatness of Quran, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) said,
“Then Allah sent to him the Book as a light whose flames cannot be extinguished, a lamp whose gleam does not die, a sea whose depth cannot be sounded, a way whose direction does not mislead, a ray whose light does not darken, a separator (good from evil) whose arguments do not weaken, a clarifier whose foundations cannot be dismantled, a cure which leaves no apprehension for disease…Allah has made it a quencher of the thirst of the learned, a bloom for the hearts of religious jurists, a highway for the ways of the righteous, a cure after which there is no ailment…” (Nahjul-Balaghah)
In another sermon, Imam Ali (as) also said regarding Quran:
“Seek cure from it (Quran) for all your ailments and seek its assistance in your distresses. For verily it contains cure for the biggest diseases namely: unbelief, hypocrisy, revolt and misguidance”.
Please keep in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting a surah all depends on the will of Allah the Almighty – Inshallah.
At Tur (52)
Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with water & sprinkle over the bite , it will inshall heal it.
      Al Tahrim (66)
If this surah recited on a man who has been bitten by a scorpion, the poison will not be spreaded & will inshallah cure him fully.

Al Qalam (68)
Write this surah on a paper & put around a neck of a person suffering from toothache it would dissapear at once. Alo any injury to the teeth it will heal immediately.

Al Sajdah (32)
Write this surah on a paper & keep it with you, he will inshallah remain safe from pains in the join , fever & headache.

Al shu ara (26)
Who writes this surah and  washes off with water & the water is drunk it will inshallah cure any illness, & disease..
Ya sin (36)
Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran and hange around your neck will be safe from every illness.

Aali Imran (3)
If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron and hung around the neck of a woman whose pregnancy dosent last, she would inshallah by the command of Allah give birth to the child.
Also it helps if hanged around the neck of a woman who does not produce children, she will conceive and give birth.
Al Dhariyat (51)
Write this surah on a paper & put around the neck of a pregnant woman inshallah her delivery will be easy.
Al Haqqah (69)
If this surah is wriiten on a paper & put around a neck of a pregnant woman, her child will remain safe & sound in her womb.
Al Fatihah (1)
Recite this surah 7 times keeping the mouth near the forehead & put the right hand on the forehead of the sick person. This will Inshallah cure him from any sickness.
Al Mujadilah (58)
Reciting this surah near a sick person will inshallah be cured from illness & would have a peaceful sleep
Ya sin  (36)
Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days his memory will improve and memorise whatever he listens.
Al Fat-h (48)
Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with zam zam water will have excellent retaining memory Al Hashr (59)
Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with clean water & drink it, you will inshallah have a good memory & I.Q
Al Haqqa (69)
If this surah is  written on a plate, washed with clean water & child drinks it, he will inshallah grow up into a very intelligent man with excellent memory & help in learning the Holy Quran by heart inshallah.

Al Muddaththir (74)
Whoso recite this surah regularly and at the end beesches Allah (SWT) to give him memory to learn the Quran by heart, Allah (SWT) will grant him the memory to memorise the Holy Quran before he dies.

Al Muntaqim (The Avenger)
One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.
54. Al Qawiyy (The Most Strong)
One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed, will be safe from his enemy.
Al Quddus (The Holy)
One who recites 100 times every day will be freed from a state of uneasiness, distress and, about future uncertainties.
41. Ya Hafiz (The Preserver)
One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against disasters & calamities.
42. Al Halim ( The Forbearing One)
One who recites this name on a piece of paper and put it where the seeds are sown, this will prevent from any disaster & calamity.
Al Fatihah (1)
Reciting this  surah will cure Inshallah any deadly disease
Al Mumin (40)
If this Surah is written & kept with you inshallah will be cured from anyone suffering from spots, swollen testicles, pimples & boils.
Al Munafiqun (63)
Reciting this surah regularly will inshallah cure boils
Al Mumin (40)
Writing this surah  on a plate &wash with clean water , then mix it with fine flour , then dry it like biscuit , then grind it and give to patient it will inshallah cure heart troubles .
Fussilat (41)
Write this Surah in a plate then wash it with clean water ,mix it with flower and make it balls, then dry them , grind them and give the powder to the patient to eat it . Isnahhalh it will cure heart ailments.
Al Daher/Al Insan (76)
Who writes this surat on a plate, washes it off with clean water and drinks it, would get rid of heart ailments and make his body and mind strong.
brahim (14)
Write this sura in a peace of white cloth & tie around the arm of a child, the child will not cry, weep & scream. He will not feel pain in teething & weaning.
Bani Israil (17)
A child that has pauses in his speech & not very clear, write  this surah & put it in a glass to be washed off & let the child drink it inshallah it will cure him.
Al Qasas (28)
Write this surah & wash it off with rain water & drink it . I t will inshallah cure stomach & liver pains.
Luqman (31)
Write this Surah & wash it off with clean water & drink it. It will Inshallah cure you from suffering stomach ache & fever.
Al Dhariyat (51)
To cure stomach ache write this surah on a plate , wash it with clean water & drink it
Al Mursalat (77)
If this surah is wriiten on a plate and washed off with onion water and given to a person to drink the pain would inshallah go.
Al Ankabut (29)
Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshallah cure malaria, cold & heaviness of chest. It will help you to have a goodnite sleep if you recite it in bed.
Al Mumin (40)
Reciting this surah every night will give purification of the heart & sins will be forgive
Taha (20)
Writing this surah on a green silk cloth & wears it around his neck before going to any interview he will inshallah be successful specifically in marriage, the results will be in your favour.
Al Ahzab (33)
Writing this surah on a deerskin & keep it in a casket in the house, inshallh ther will be many married proposals for your daughters, sister & other girls in the house.
Aali Imran (3)
If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron & hung around a tree that do not produce fruits, by the command of Allah, it would produce fruit.
Hijr (15)
To prosper in Business, write this surah on paper & tie on your hand or keep it in your pocket, you will always gain & profit in business deals.
Al Mumin (40)
Write this surah and keep where you work (business) inshallah the sales will increase .
Al Dukhan (44)
Writing this surah on a paper and kept in a trading premises Allah (SWT) will increase his sales & profit
Al Naziat (79)
Reciter of thsi surah will help him be safe from  person whom he has fear from in his business. It would dissapear and will remain fully safe. It will also encounter his enemies, they would run away without inflicting any harm on him.
Al Qalam (68)
Reciting this surah regularly and  in his obligatory salat Allah (SWT) will never allow poverti afflict him & will have no problems in his sustenance inshallah.
Al Zumar (39)
Reciting this surah Allah (SWT) will bestow on you honour & prestige in this world . Its recommended also to keep it with you.
Al Akhaf (46)
Write this surah in a plate & wash it with zam zam water & drink it , you will be loved , popular & listened to you by people .
Al Najm (53)
Reciting this surah regularly will inshallah be loved & respected by others
Al Qamar (54)
Write this surah on a paper on friday & wear it around your neck will will be inshallah very popular among people & would command respect & love
Yusuf (12)
If you write this surah & drink its water you will have good luck & sustenance.
Al Rahman (55)
Write this surah & hang around neck it will inshallah get you great rewards & make your work easy.
Al Muddaththir (74)
Reciter of this surat regularly will have no bad luck in life inshallah.
Al An- Am (6)
To seek fulfilment of desires pray 4 rakat , in set of 2 rakats, starting with surat Al Fatihah & Al An-Am in each rakat, after the recitation of Al An-Am say this dua:

O Munificent O Munificent O Munificent
{Ya Karim Ya karim Ya karim}

Great, O Great , O Great; O Hearer of Prayer
{Ya Azim Ya Azim Ya Azim  Ya Azam min kulli Azim Ya Sami Al Dua}

O He whom the alternations of days & nights do not effect Him
{Ya man la tughayyirutul ayamu wal layli}

Send blessings on Mohammed and his Children & have Mercy
{Salli ala Muhammed wa alli Mohammed  }

and have mecrcy on my weakness, Poverty, destitution, & helplessness
{Wa arham dafi wa faqri wa faqati wa maskanati }

because You alone knows more than me about these things & about my needs
{Fa Innaka Alamu Biha minni Wa Anta Alamu hajati}

O He who he had Mercy on Yaqub & brought back his son  Yusuf to him
{Ya Man Rahima Yaqub wa radda alayhi Yusuf quratta aynihi}

O He who had Mercy on Ayub when misfortunes & calamities surrounded him from all sides
{Ya Man Rahima Ayyuba badda hululi balaihi }

O He who had Mercy on Mohammed peace be on him, & looked after him against the evil unjust of Quraysh
{Ya Man Rahima Muhammed Alayhi Wa Alihi Saalmu Wa minal yatama awahu Wa nassarahu ala jababirata Quaraish wa tawaghitaha wa amanahu minhum}

O Helper, O Helper, O Helper
{Ya Mughithu Ya Mugithu Ya Mughithu }

Now Beseech Allah for your desires to fulfil your Needs.
Al Waqiah (56)
Reciting this surah regularly inhsallah his fulfilments will be achieved like : plenty of sustenance, good oppprtunity of wealth& be loved by people  . Poverty will dissapear.
Al Hashr (59)
Whoso prays 4 rakat & recites this surat in every rakat after reciting surat Al Fatiha would inshallah achieve success in all his desired fulfillments activity that he undertakes.
Nuh (71)
Whoso recites this surah and beseeches Allah (SWT) for fulfillments, wishes and desires Allah (SWT) would give him what he want without delay
Al Tahrim (66)
Whoso recites this surah regularly will help inshallah pay all his debts.
Al Muzzammil (73)
A regularly reciter of this surah will inshall remove poverty.
Yunus (10)
If there has been a misunderstanding in your family & you want to know who is at fault, writing this surah together with all the names of your family members, the problem will be solved.
Al Qasas (28)
Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshallah remove sorrows, worries, grief & doubts
Al Hadid (57)
If a person recites this surah regularly in his obligatory prayers neither he or his family will face any trouble or worries inshallah
Al Jumuah (62)
Reciting this surah every night will get rid of worries inshallah.
Al Jinn (72)
If a man in trouble recites this sura his worries and troubles will dissapear inshallah.
At Tur (52)
Reciting this surah regularly will let free a prisoner
Al Hadid (57)
Whoso recites this surah will inshallah be freed from prison
Al Ma-arij (70)
Whoso recite this surah Allah (swt) will arrange his release & would safely inshallah go back to his family.
Al Jinn(72)
A prisoner who recites this surah will be freed from prison.
Al Rad (13)
If this surah is written on a paper after praying salat tahajjud & hang it on the door of a ruler who uses power unjustly, he would die soon.
Al Anfal (8)
Writing this surah and hanging it around your neck, you will get your rights from the man in authority & you will have upper hand against him when you quarrel with him & come out fully satisfied.
Ya sin (36)
Write this surah the heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days you will have an upper hand over whomsoever he debates.
Al Mursalat (77)
Whoso recites this Surah in a time of quarrel or conflict with his opponent he would have an upper hand against his enemy; also a man in authority or a judge would also help him against his enemy.
Tawbah (9)
Writing this surah on a paper & keep it in his body he would be safe from thieves & fire .
Al Mujadilah (58)
Reciter of this surat regularly will be safe from theft
Al Rahman  (55)
If this surah is hanged in the house it will remain safe from all insects
Al Jathiyah (45)
Writing this surah on a paper & keeping it with you will inshallah be safe from backbiters.
Al Dukhan (44)
Writing  this surah on a paper & worn around the neck will remain safe from mischief of men in authority
Al Jumuah (62)
Reciter of this surah  at daybreak & sunset every friday  will be safe from the mischief of shaytan.
Al Taghabun (64)
Whoso recites this surah & goes to meet man in authority against him  , inshallah he will be safe from his evil & mischief.
Al Shura (42)
Write this surah on a plate and wash it off with clean water . Whoever drinks it will have a peaceful & safe journey (travelling).
Al Saff (61)
Recite this surah during a journey & inshallah will remain safe from thieves & problems until he returns  safely to his house.
Al Naba (78)
Reciting this surah while travelling will have a safe journey.
Abasa (80)
To have a safe and protected jpurney recite this surah at the beginning of the journey.
48. Al Haqq (The Truth)(81)
One who recites this name will get his lost things.
49..Al Mu’id (The Restorer)(82)
Recitation of this name 70 times will be helpful in safe return of the missing person.
50.Al Jami’ (The Gatherer)(83)
One who recites this name will find lost things.

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