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The Special Personality Traits Of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Islam and after him, there will be no Prophet. He was born in the city of Makkah in 570 A.D. Allah raised him to the status of Prophet at the age of 40. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) propagated the religion of Islam for more than 23 years. Out of these 23 years, he preached Islam for 13 years in Makkah and for remaining ten years in the city of Madinah. He died at the age of 63 in Madinah and at the time of his demise, the entire Arabian Peninsula had embraced Islam. 

The great Muslim society:
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) left behind him a society that was fully devoted to Islam and the teachings of Holy Quran. It was a nascent republic aware of its worldly responsibilities as well as believed in Islamic ideology and was full of spiritual zeal and zest. Two things inspired the early Muslim to create such a wonderful society. One was the Noble Quran and other was the lofty and great personality of Holy Prophet (PBUH) deeply loved and revered by Muslims. 
In the following lines, we are going to discuss the life and personality of Muhammad (PBUH) very briefly. 

He was born to Hazrat Amna and Hazrat Abullah. However, he was a born orphan and raised by his mother but his mother also died when he was only six. Then his grandfather, Abdul Mutalib looked after him and after his death, his uncle Abu Talib took the responsibility of raising his nephew. Muhammad (PBUH) belonged to the Hashemite tribe that was a subgroup of Quresh and one of the most respected clan in Makkah. 

The unmatched Qualities of Holy Prophet (PBUH):
At the time when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was growing up, the world in general and people of Arabia in particular were immersed in the life of ignorance, illiteracy, and idolism. All sorts of bad habits like drinking, adultery, theft, dishonesty, burying the infant girls, thus every evil habit you can think of was prevalent in Arabs. 

Hate of Idols and dishonesty:
 In these circumstances, it is quite surprising to find out that Muhammad (PBUH) was not even close to these evils deeds. He hated idol worship and disliked lethargy and idleness. Furthermore, he was the most honest person in entire Arabia. Due to his honesty he was called “Sadiq” and “Amin” by his fellow countrymen. 

Kind and compassionate:
The concept of mercy and compassion were almost unknown to Arabs. On the other hand, he was kind to everyone even to his worst enemies. He never talked with loud voice with anyone, respected the elders, and loved the children. During those times, slaves were brutally treated by their masters and they were deprived of even the basic human rights. Muhammad’s (PBUH) treatment with his slaves was totally opposite to that of other Makkans and he dealt with them with mercy and compassion. 

Social behavior:
As far as social behaviors of Holy Prophet (PBUH) are concerned, he was kind to children as well as elders. Moreover, everyone was equal to him and there was no distinction between rich and poor. He used to take care of everyone and always knew about the happiness and difficulties of his companions and tried to sort them out. 

Simplicity in life:
The holy Prophet (PBUH) spent a very simple and austere life devoid of any pump, show and boosting. He used to wear simple clothes, always ate simple food and always lived in simplest of houses. He used to mend his shoes himself and sew his torn clothes as well. However, he never advocated asceticism and asserted on the need of expending money on purposeful and lawful things.

Responsibility of Muslims:
The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was like a lighthouse that shows the passage to the lost ships. Similarly, it is the religious and moral duty of Muslims to understand Quran and study the life of Muhammad through any means whether it is a tutor teaching Quran online or in a School. Practical implementation of Quran and Sunnah is the only thing that is going to help them in both worlds.

These are only some of innumerable incomparable qualities of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). With the help of these personality features, he managed to transform one of the most stubborn, arrogant and insolent society into one of the most civilized and cultured fraternities the history has ever witnessed.

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